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Our Philanthropic Programs And Services Will
  • Maintain and develop a "Best Practices" portfolio of individually customized Charitable Giving Solutions;
  • Respond collaboratively to the Wealth Management objectives andphilanthropic opportunities presented to donor clients, their advisors and non-profit partners;
  • Enable mission driven charities to realize significant new sources of sustaining capital support
  • Work to optimize the recipient impact and donor benefits associated with all charitable giving opportunities.

Philanthropy is an essential resource for the nonprofit sector. Individuals, foundations, and corporations in the United States contribute roughly $300 billion each year to more than a million non-profit organizations that address complex social and environmental problems and enrich communities

But a donor who cares about an issue is faced with a daunting task. The information available is often inadequate, making it difficult to determine the impact of giving. And if donors do not make well-informed choices, funds will not always go to the organizations that do the greatest social good.

With these challenges in mind, Hudson Advisors and its Philanthropy Program are committed to making sure that more money goes to the most effective organizations and that nonprofit organizations make the maximum impact.

How Hudson Advisors Will Partner With You:
Cost Considerations

Hudson Advisors will serve the concurrent philanthropic objectives of individual donors and their charities of choice. We will focus on the translation of insurance-based assets into mutually beneficial, major gift opportunities. Accordingly, it is our aim to generate significant new sources of revenue for mission-driven nonprofit organizations. We believe that such insurance-based funding vehicles are unfamiliar to many and, therefore, underutilized. Moreover, we firmly believe that many potential donors intending to make a meaningful contribution to a favorite charity -- during their life time -- might otherwise be prohibited from such a significant, out-of-pocket commitment if gift annuities and life settlement offerings were not available and better understood.

BOTTOM LINE -- Our partnership will not require a cash retainer or consultancy. Rather, we will collaborate as an agent -- a fundraising facilitator. Face-to-face meetings with appropriate target donors will only happen with your active involvement and agreement. Hudson Advisors will only make money if and when insurance-derived commitments are made. Moreover, we pledge to contribute 5% of related commissions or fees to you, our partner nonprofit in honor of the thoughtfulness of you individual donor. It is that simple.

Increasingly, major gift officers are being asked to deliver the time and expertise of a professional estate planner above and beyond their immediate, near term obligations.  Bequests are basic, but insurance-based opportunities demand a more singular focus and technical acumen. Yet, the return on time investemnt can be remarkably significant. Hudson Advisors welcomes the chance to be your partner to this good end.

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